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Top Misses When Building A Dream Home

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Are you planning to build a home? Have you done all the ground work in order to build a home of your dreams? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you need to look into the top ten misses that most people do when building their dream home. If you are planning to build a home, through Custom Home Builders Vancouver, you can land on the best builder who can make your dream home a reality. To get an idea of what are the various options that you can look at, would help you to decide on the right choice.

Here are the top misses that most people make when building your dream home:

· The HVAC system has to be planned properly. You should be sure as to where the pipelines will be places. You might have to avoid making wardrobes on walls that have HVAC pipelines so that you can easily check in case of any leakages. If you have a wardrobe installed in such a place, you will have to deal with moisture and mold issues in the case such a problem arises.

· The space has to be planned as per the requirements. Storage space is very important in each part of the home. The living room should have enough space for display items, and the kitchen should have appropriate storage for the cutlery, microwave, stove, mixer, etc. You will also need proper storage cupboards in the rooms and a bookshelf with a table in the study room.

· A home is a long-term investment, and hence you have to consider the requirements for a decade well in advance. The number of rooms that you will need in a few years from now should all be thought about before you plan to start building your own home. If you plan to have children, then make enough room for them to stay and also a playroom to put in all their toys and other stuff.

· Plan the house to get as much natural sunlight as it can. Natural resources are always a deciding factor when it comes to building a home. You need to consider having more glass windows or doors in areas where you can get sunlight rather than close it with opaque décor.
· The electrical wiring plan has to be well thought of. They should not intercept any water pipelines so that even in the case of any leakage in water, it should not come in contact with electrical wires as it might turn out to be a disaster.

In addition to the misses mentioned above, people also plan for rooms that end up being underutilized. A laundry room that is far away from the bedrooms is a total waste. A bedroom that is near the main road is also too noisy and cannot be used to sleep in. The kitchen has to be much nearer to the entrance so that you don’t have to carry your groceries all around the home. These are some common mistakes that many people do and later end up spending double the amount to correct them. Do avoid them and have a pleasant experience building your dream home.

What You Need To Know While House Hunting

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When you have plans to buy a house, then the time you spend for house hunting is an exciting part. You can start your search right away through by selecting your requirements to narrow down the results. states that you should do a simple research on the house price before you start with the property search to know whether a property is overpriced or rightly priced.

This applies to those who have never bought a house before and attempting to buy one. Though you are overwhelmed by the properties available, you should try to control your emotions and should let them affect your judgment. You should have some detachment to be enthusiastic about moving forward.

Let us see a few house hunting tips which will make your job hunting process easier no matter whether you have previous experience or not.

Though it looks easy, you can’t jump into the house hunting process right away. Anybody who decides to buy a house would be eager to buy a house as soon as possible and decorate them as per their taste. Before you plan those things, you should do some homework on your financial status before you start with your property search.

When you get a spark in your thoughts to buy a house the first thing you should do is to save some cash. Many first timers don’t understand the amount of money they would need in buying a house and will struggle to meet out the expenditures like down payment, minimum cash reserve requirements and much more.

You should get your credit score checked. If your credit score is less then you can’t even apply for a mortgage loan. If there is no possibility of financing, then it is better to take a break from house hunting till you get your financial status stabilized. The minimum credit score of 620 is needed to get your loan sanctioned.

You should look for houses, which fall, under your budget. To start with, you should create a budget and this is not the job of the lender. This job is for you. You should start the calculations by plotting the income per month after tax. Then make a comparison of your expense and debts with your income to check whether you can meet out your house budget. The difference between both the numbers should be the housing budget approximately.
Once you have done the calculations on the mortgage payment per month, then it is easy to start your house hunting job provided you are not yet pre-approved a lender.
The next step is to meet a mortgage lender and get the loan pre-approved to initiate your second spending limit. The budget you own will be the first spending limit. You should assume your lower spending limit to be the maximal spending limit. The lender will then do a check on your pre-approval, check your credit situation, income, and debt situations. Lastly, you will be informed of the amount of money they are interested in lending to you.